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By style&source, Jun 15 2016 12:26PM

Here at Style and Source we see the beauty in pieces that others have often destined for the skip! One of these is the standard lamp.

For years I have mixed varying lamp bases tall and small with a vintage and modern shades and love the quirkiness and individuality this look brings to a home. We have been seeing different variations of the standard lamp on the interior decor market over recent years and with a little imagination, I think it’s fairly straightforward to emulate a take on these with a twist and in doing so create something unique to your home.

Use a vintage lampshade - stripped down to its frame or in its original form or pick something modern to create the ultimate finish. If you are brave enough, why not create your own at shade school with Zoe Darlington shade school, a designer who creates shades using traditional methods that have been used for years

We have a constant changing stock of standard lamps from £30 (stand only and in their original form) at The Den and hope the below images inspire and encourage you to give one a go. If you would like help with upcycling it or sourcing a suitable shade to suit your home – whatever your budget – do get in touch with us at or give us a call.

Spray or paint your standard lamp in a gloss finish to create a cool and quirky look

Picture credit:

Paint the base and add a traditional 1940s lamp shade bringing something old into the modern world

Picture credit:

I am so inspired by Abigail Ahern’s design and this naked lampshade on a gloss black stand is striking and easy to create. (Get in touch with us for naked lampshade advice)

Picture credit:

Another frame stripped down and trim added for detail and interest

Picture credit:

Here’s another naked frame dressed with dress flowers. We pegged old photographs to a vintage frame in The Den (see picture below)

Picture credit:

Or go bold with your colour for your naked frame and lamp stand

This is a lamp that the lovely Loaf retail and although this is is mango wood – the image has inspired me to think if you wanted a more paired down look you could paint your standard lamp in a soft grey/ green and combine with a linen shade for a stylish subtle earthy feel.

Picture credit:

Leave your standard lamp as wood and bring it into the modern century with a funky lampshade – patterned or plain

Picture credit:

I admire the design at The Olde Bell in Berkshire by Isle Crawford and it’s here that I saw standard lamps with smaller shades and I have to say I personally think it works. Recreate this with an off the shelf or bespoke made conical shade – linen would look fitting.

Picture credit:

This combination for me is perfect because not only do I love crochet squares in a blanket but I’m also all over green at the moment and love these pastel tones that are trending right now!

Picture credit:

Use a standard lamp as your bedside light to create a stunning feature in any bedroom. Go traditional or modern and if you need to reduce the height of your lamp get a handyman to help you out.

Picture credit:

Keep your standard lamp traditional – left untouched with its original vintage shade and they still look on trend especially in a nostalgic home

Picture credit:!Vintage-Lamps/zoom/c1pm2/image1eq0

BHS stocked this lamp at one point. Set off your painted white standard lamp with a pretty shade like this

Picture credit:

Paint them any colour you like to suit your decor

Picture credit:

We have had this mid century style of light in before and with a 70’s shade or style shade – this is a cool focal accessorie to any room

Picture credit:

Lastly join in with Zoe Darlington’s wit and celebrate this style with your very own bespoke made quirky lamp shade and base painted in a contrasting colour

Picture credit:

By style&source, May 23 2016 04:11PM

Here at Style and Source there is no denying we love a vintage wooden crate!

We have apple crates with and without printing on them. Our printed crates are more rustic and the ones without have a more clean and finished look. We also stock shallower farm crates and one off crates so depending what look you are going for – we will have the crate for you and if we don’t we will find it!

Our vintage apple crates are salvaged from apple orchards in the UK and we have always thought they make “original and affordable” storage but we also know how versatile they can be in styling your home. We sell a variety of other crates including American soda crates and various other variations to the English apple crate. In fact we are crazy about crates! Our stock is ever changing stock so always check in with us at The Den if you can’t find what you are looking for on our website.

Below is some inspiration for using our apple crates.

Wooden crates make for unique bedside tables

Add some wheels on to your apple crate and use for storage of magazines, toys or shoes

Fill with flowers or plants for a stunning and rustic display

Use for a pretty display or card/ present box at a special event or wedding

Apple crates make for great shelving stacked up or on the wall in any room

Use it for an alternative recycling box

Image sources

Crate bedside table:

Crate side table:

Crate wheeled storage:

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Wedding Crate:

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Recycling crate:

By guest, Apr 27 2015 07:12PM

Anyone starting a new business will know how busy it is whilst you get off the ground and the business up and running....we are so busy right now this poor old blog page is empty! But as soon as we find a spare 10 minutes or so (perhaps after Christmas!) then check back for some inspirational ideas.

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